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Paolo Maldotti was born in Crema in the province of Cremona in 1963.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, where he worked as an assistance at the courses in theory and technique of Architecture and Design Two.

In 1993 he opened his own architectural firm confronting professionally in various fields, from the restoration to the building design and interior design.

In 2001 he founded ARCHILANDstudio, a company services to the architecture, which fields range from exhibit design to stand installation, from ideation process and design of public information points to the multisensorial courses and the displays for urban and territorial programs. The working method of ARCHILANDstudio commons to many fields of intervention: based on a careful analysis of the requests, it is able to translate customer expectations into objectives, strategies and solutions. Through a tailored concept, it responds to the needs and values of the company or the product.

For the architect Paolo Maldotti the design has been, since the beginning of his career, a source of study and experimentation. He has developed many design elements, which have found their application in the field of interior design and because of that they have been key components and strongly characterized.

The potentiality of the individual elements are, in fact, used as a tool of communication, to maximize the narrative power of each project of interior and exhibit design.

Since 2009 he serves as Secretary of the ADI design in the delegation of regions Piedmont and Aosta Valley. In 2009 he was awarded the B-Ticino Contech Award for the design of domotics to the interior design.

The architect Paolo Maldotti, besides of numerous works of architectural design and restoration, he has been responsible for designing spaces of offices and hospitality. He has also been responsible for conceptualizing new formats for sale while designing stores in Italy and abroad.

On behalf of major international contractor he has designed spaces for restaurants, bars and food corners for railway stations, airports and motorway services, in Italy, Europe, Japan and Korea. Among the major projects in recent years:

    • Interior design and designing of exhibition courses of Atrium Turin 2006: over 30 installations made between 2003 and 2008. In 2004, the interior design project at Atrium was listed in the ADI Index and it was a candidate for selection for the 50th Golden Compass.

    • Alpine 365 Expo: new format of the Mountain Exhibition

    • Projects of temporary installations during the XX Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006 (Sponsor Village, Lancia Ice, Olympic Store, welcoming space of ambassadors of the City ', Casa GE - General Electric, Casa San Paolo Bank)

    • Complete design of interior spaces, custom furniture and brand image for a new chain of Korean motorway restaurants.

    • Design of numerous restaurants including LAGRILLIA, PARIS CROISSANTand PASSION FIVE in Seoul and new formats for bars and restaurants designed and realized with company CostaGroup on behalf of leading international brands to the airports of Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Rome-Fiumicino, Rome-Ciampino, Geneva, Palermo, Frankfurt and Munich.

    • FIAT CAFFE ' in Tokyo, a multipurpose space on three levels including of dealership, bar-restaurant and events area

    • On behalf of company CostaGroup, design of numerous interventions for the Company Ferrero ( Boutique in Vatican City, Temporary shop in Via Garibaldi in Milan, corner product, Boutique Ferrero Roma Fiumicino)

    • Design hotel LAQUA in Sorrento

    • Concept development and complete design of information points and service for transportation of Turin: Gruppo Trasporti Torinese , for Tourism of Turin: Turismo Torino and for Urban center of Venice.

In 1996 he designed the exhibition "The World in My Hands" at Ellis Island in New York on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Italian emigration in the world. The same exhibition was replaced in Rome a few years after the Altare della Patria. 

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