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Design by Zanellato/Bortotto 2022

The new Jack is the reinterpretation of the first collection designed by Zanellato/Bortotto for Bolzan, in 2017. Wanting to create a timeless object that could last as long as possible, the designers chose not to design a new bed, but to revive the original model in an unprecedented version that, with fabrics, leather and wood, could tell the artisan excellence of some of the best manufacturers in the area between Friuli and Veneto, where Bolzan is based.
The new Jack is part of the sustainability path that Bolzan has started some time ago and which is identified in its philosophy and in its approach to design, thus becoming a witness to a virtuous world, where its vocation for the territory, beauty and respect for the environment become the result of its inclination to do well.
A simple and minimal design is at the origin of the bed: its structure, originally in painted metal and now in wood, is composed of two sides where the tubes of the headboard and footboard are inserted. Like two rollers, they welcome the upholstery, in fabric or leather, fixing it. The tubes can be customized in size to obtain the desired width: from the French bed to the king size bed or custom-made. The bed is shipped completely disassembled to reduce the environmental impact of the shipment.
A bench and a coffee table complete the collection.
WOOD TREATMENT: LorisTill artisan carpentry for Bolzan
The wood used for the structure of the Jack collection is certified ash from reforestation. On this basis, Loris Giacomin applied totally natural paints: soil and stones are ground and dissolved in boiling water to form the colour. The use of a natural paint means interpreting an ancient tradition, which passes entirely through the hands of the craftsman: the colour is applied by spray, with a brush or a rag. This last technique, called ragging, is used for the parts of a piece of furniture, such as curves or folds, in which precision must be maximum and the paint must be passed over several times. A product painted with a natural colour is a unique product.
FABRIC: Sacile collection by Torri Lana 1885 for Bolzan, design by Zanellato/Bortotto
For Bolzan, Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto were looking for an eco-sustainable and refined fabric, capable of enhancing the pattern they wanted to impress on it: the evocation of the intertwining of willows, typical of the landscape of Sacile and of the territory between Veneto and Friuli where the company was born and rooted. These characteristics were found in the natural yarns of Torri Lana which created the Sacile collection used for the headboard and footboard of the new Jack. For the padding, a so-called preconsumer cotton was used: a short yarn that is generally discarded because it is not suitable for production, and which has instead found its ideal size here. The plot is made of hemp, a plant growing with little water, the only one capable of reclaiming a land of heavy metals, prerogatives that make it a vegetable element with a strong symbolic value. For the warp, Torri Lana has thought of an American cotton with a slub effect, woven with a double beam jacquard loom, which makes it very resistant. This meeting of hemp and cotton has given life to a three-dimensional, vibrant, deep texture, which plays with the irregularities of the yarns and enhances the pattern designed by Zanellato/Bortotto.
LEATHER: Pietro Presot tannery for Bolzan
The leathers used by the Presot tannery are all of European origin and come from farms that comply with the rules on animal welfare and are certified GMO free.
The skins are subjected to a long manufacturing process: the backs are immersed in a solution of water and tannins, vegetable powders penetrating the skin and stiffen it without resorting to chemical elements. The tannins need two months in the tank to penetrate the skins and turn them into leather.
In Presot leather, what to a distracted eye may seem defects, imperfections, are actually the signs of the choice to stock up on animals that grow free in certified farms. Choosing cows that graze the grass every day, away from intensive farming, and tanning the hides naturally, means producing a leather that bears the signs of the life of an animal raised free and according to nature.
100 percent of the processing residues produced by the tannery are reused in other virtuous cycles, carried out by third parties, for which the waste becomes a secondary raw material.

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