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Day System Modern

Design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro

Simple, bold lines, measure and sophistication: Modern goes even more beyond the traditional boundaries of the industrial piece to show the multiple degrees of freedom and endless variations of this multifaceted storage system for the living room.

In the new compositions, the Load-it bookcase creates a graphic backdrop where the square module of Modern stands out and moves, developing objects that differ from one another in terms of materials, colours and functional uses, but share the same natural wood patterns, the veining of marble and the brand-new colours.


Modern day composition in heat-treated oak and verde gris, Verde Rameggiato marble Roc board

In this Modern day composition, the research focuses on the idea of “all full”, to create an entire equipped wall that perfectly blends into the architecture and is used for storage, but – when necessary – opens up to reveal secret niches. 

The large Modern hanging composition is combined with a Verde Rameggiato marble Roc board, with the visual effect of an entirely closed and tightly-packed wall, reminiscent of the traditional Japanese home. An architectural solution with a strong scenic appeal that offers maximum capacity and utmost customisation.

This large storage area in black sugi is enlivened by the nice graphic interplay of the doors made of heat-treated oak, in contrast with the verde gris shade chosen for the interiors of the glass cabinets – with a metal frame painted in the same colour –which emerge as contemplative voids in the composition, completed by the wide vertical sliding door in black stained canneté.


Modern sideboard

Raised on Bridge feet, with verde inglese drop-leaf doors and Calacatta Oro marble top, Modern sideboard unveils the playful spirit inherent in this system that, without ever being excessive, conveys the typical Made-in-Italy savoir-faire and creativity.


Modern dining composition

Black & white chromatism for the dining area. The structure in black-stained hemlock is combined with horizontal and vertical surfaces in Paonazzo marble, transparent glass cabinets and wall units with black-stained canneté doors. Modern is the result of an abstract composition in which the natural design of the marble veins is the protagonist, showing Porro’s ability to process materials, and the taste in combining them.


Modern composition panna glossy lacquer and Canaletto walnut, matt Travertine Roc board

On the wall, next to a matt travertine Roc board, an eye-catching large Modern hanging composition is animated by the nice graphic effect of soft panna lacquered doors, that contrasts with Canaletto walnut, the strongly textured wood type chosen for the open module and the interiors of the glass cabinets, featuring a metal frame in the same colour, that stand out as contemplative voids in the composition. In the middle, perfectly concealed, the TV compartment appears only in moments of leisure, thanks to the very large vertical sliding door in Canaletto walnut.


Modern composition with transparent glass doors and santos rosewood interiors

Craftsmanship from the bottom up: the Modern composition in santos rosewood designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre for the living area catches the eye with its transparent glass doors that allow to see the natural grain of wood, acting like a trait d’union between the modules.


Modern+Load-it composition in black-stained hemlock and sabbia matt lacquer, Valentine Grey marble board

The Load-it bookcase with black-stained canneté wall panels frames the central window and creates a graphic backdrop in which the square module of Modern stands out and moves, developing objects that differ in materials, colors, and functional uses. A sabbia matt lacquered hanging element with drop-leaf door on the left and 4 hanging modules with hinged doors in black-stained hemlock or crystal with metal profile, which allow glimpses of the colored interiors. Finally, functional for home video equipment is the Grey Valentine marble board, which alternates open modules with functional drawers with sabbia lacquered doors.

Load-it’s spotlights allow the objects displayed on the shelves to be illuminated in a technical and museum-like way by directing the light beam.


Modern+Load-it composition in avorio glossy lacquer and domestic walnut, travertine Roc board

Visual delicacy and light and bright tones distinguish the Modern+Load-it composition for the living area, which combines the steel shelves and avorio glossy lacquered wall panels of Load-it with the national walnut hanging elements, open or with hinged doors, in dialogue with the Modern travertine Roc board. A project that shows Porro's ability to balance textures, materials, and shapes blending elements into a visual unicum, in which simplicity and naturalness are never the starting point, but rather the point of arrival.


Modern+Load-it composition in avorio glossy lacquer, glass and black stained ash

An elegant two-colour effect characterizes the Modern+Load-it composition for the living area, with the steel shelves and avorio lacquered wall panels of the Load-it bookcase by Wolfgang Tolk alongside the glass cabinets and the black-stained ash wall units with drop-leaf doors and the suspended top of the Modern system by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro.


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