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PROGETTISTA: Aurelio Vzquez Duran

  • Anno: : 2011
  • Categoria: : Altro
  • Visto: 628 VOLTE
DESCRIZIONE: Museo MODO is located in a magnificent Art Dec residence, one of the many few still proudly standing in Roma, a residential area located close to...
Museo MODO is located in a magnificent Art Dec residence, one of the many few still proudly standing in Roma, a residential area located close to down town that presented a fantastic alternative for the inhabitants of Mexico City at the beginning of the XX century. The Museum of the Object (the purpose) of the Object, MODO, is the latest and unique addition to Mexico City's museums' arena. It is the first space solely dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting and disseminating design and communications' diverse expressions. With its own collection, MODO seeks, not only to develop academic, research and promotion programs, but also, to encourage production and to generate a much needed design's culture, emphasizing in communications in-depth analysis, particularly new media and technologies. The MODO seeks to position itself as a new icon within the present cultural scene, representing the unexpected and the uncommon. The project for the reception and store of the museum was designed to make the most of these two important spaces for both the visitors and the operation of the museum preserving the architecture of the house. At the store the display of the products is very important and different furniture was designed especially for the area to make the most of the small space. The selection of items is very wide and to improve the operation open and closed with glass furniture were combined. Everything is in white and glass to enhance the assortment of memorabilia and collectibles in the store and make the shopping experience something to remember. The reception is located on the top of the stairs that arrive from the main entrance. The design is very sober and everything is painted in mate white. On the back of the reception the wall was opened to create a window that looks into the store, so the visitors may have a pick while buying their entrance tickets. There is also a screen that publishes all the messages of the museums social media communication.

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