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PROGETTISTA: Alessandro Marchelli

  • Year:: 2010
  • Category:: OFFICE / WORK / CONTRACT
  • Customer:: Marina Selvini
  • Viewed: 632 TIMES
DESCRIZIONE: “A new “concept” – created by designer Alessandro Marchelli - inspired by all individuals who want to be brought in a “futuristic dimension” of...
“A new “concept” – created by designer Alessandro Marchelli - inspired by all individuals who want to be brought in a “futuristic dimension” of beauty, emotions and sensations. A mix of creativity, kindness, elegance, innovative materials and luxury, that surround the expert hands, words, cuts, colors, hairstyles, cuddles, hammam, wellness path, emotional treatments, music, perfumes, essences and fragrances. An area of approximately 800 sq. feet where the synthesis of design skills were highlighted, developing as in a game of joints, different situations, to satisfied all customer requests. A "Arianne’s Thread", the light - continues in his narrative Alessandro Marchelli - brings to move in this labyrinth of spaces, finding at each step a new emotion, a different place but at the same time unique and smoothly incorporated into the environment." The lobby “... enjoy the slowness of the Moment” creates a scenography, waves and un-waves representing, through the "Mosaico Digitale™", the morning sunrise as if it wanted to attract the customer and "protect" him once past the sliding glass door. A light cloakroom is on the background to the hall of STILNOVO Design Hair. The white walls are broken by RGB LEDs, all controlled by home automation, a waiting room is modeled, shaped combining absolutely different materials, corian™, steel, resin, LED, high voltage neon, but assembled in such a way as to create evanescent visual effects, seats that born as the hills that take up from the natural external picture that is the frame of the "Urban Village" with about its 1000 inhabitants. Design Hair, an open space living room, caressed by boundary light white veils which dissipate the RGB light throughout the space, broken only by stripes of white light on the workplaces to get the best possible light during "evangelist". The salon is equipped with five armchairs for cutting, setting up and hair SPA, a washing area and skin massage. Wellness Mind is featured by concentric games of walls, hidden joints, cuts of light, wave shaped walls to provide a motion and a stronger “sign” to the customer who decides to rely on the skilled hands of the “body therapist”. A “deafening” glossy white played down by blue and amber LED lights. “A dream... the Essence” receives the customer in a circular reception, having first passed the double glass doors that separate the hair style salon with the SPA. A led chandelier “MAG40™” descends from the ceiling, a polished steel desk rises from the floor with its unconventional curves creating a three-dimension feeling of spaces. Walking beyond the separating “alcantara” curtain you enter in the “Eden” of wellness with hammam, massage room lighted up by “AIRBLOW™”, emotional treatments, reaching the new frontier of tanning spray shower covered with the “RustOn™”. The relax area, for the relax of mind and body, is a “sensory journey” among blended resins, shaped on the SPA floor with purple and gold colors; written phrases on the walls to help mind, thoughts, muscles to relax, generating positive feelings, resting on chaise longue “KYRIOS NUS™” formed by resin and covered by gold leaves or on the white skin gloss big sofa “MAGNUS A™” completing this project between calm, peaceful and discovery of energies. Wellness and complicity turn into one essence, the same energy that is absolutely indivisible, “the essence of life”.

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