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About us

We are a collective of designers and architects focused on promoting design and creativity. Through the web portal we put into contact with all the key players in the design industry by offering a number of services. We work together with companies, universities, postgraduate schools and publishing companies to establish different ways of helping the creation of new project proposals and giving rise to a better exchange of views.
The portal also contains a number of different organizations involved with this profession such as, prototyping workshops, photographers, processing workshops, press offices and more, in order to create a ever-moving and bigger network which represents a business tool and an opportunity of collaboration among stakeholders.
Users have the possibility to create a professional profile where they can manage all their personal information independently. Within the profile, users can upload photos of their products and / or concepts and projects being developed, publish a product description, biography / CV. The system is addressed to designers, companies and all the organizations involved with this field.
Subscribers can enjoy a wide range of services useful for promotion, training and professional updating, thanks to ongoing proposals such as, contests, workshops, events, business partnerships and much more.
The projects of
Design For is a book-catalogue that collects projects considered as valiant, unique and manufacture-oriented in terms of furnishing and more. Design For was conceived in 2011, with a specific intent: closing the gap between designers and companies.
The volume distribution to companies has enabled them to identify the potential of projects’ ideas  with the ultimate goal of producing them.  On the other hand, the presence in Italian and international bookstores,  allowed Design For to be a useful tool for design and architecture lovers in search of inspiration, ideas and contacts with professionals.
The ambition of  project, the strength of designers’ ideas and the ongoing attention to innovation in the industry have improved and enriched the different editions, reaching a total of over 700  valued designers, 1400 published ideas and more than 10,000 companies involved.
The high visibility achieved by the published concepts has helped setting up partnerships with other professionals, as well as attracting the attention of the press.
Promotional events, workshops and meetings with various experts in the sector during the presentations of the volume have also contribute to increase the visibility of Design For.
Design For is innovation, creativity, opportunity!
Din - In Design is the event organized during the Fuori Salone in Milan with the aim to ensure to emerging designers, successful designers, creative workshops, self-producers and collectives of craftsmen an important showcase where it is possible to show their achievements, works and / or prototypes towards an international audience.
To provide  each participant  with the maximum response,  has set up partnership of absolute importance with newspapers, magazines, service companies, buyers and public bodies which offer the exhibitors the possibility to expand their network and create real business opportunities.
During its four editions Din hosted more than 400,000 visitors, set up 8000 square meters, curated the exhibition of 2500 objects, welcomed 500 designers from all over the world.
Every year, during the event,  there are a number of initiatives, workshops, presentations, a temporary shop, contests, and much more. is a Trend-Hunter with the aim of promoting and selling products with a high innovative content on an international scale. Through this direct sales channel we offer to every designer / company the opportunity to manage sales and related logistics in a simple and immediate way.
We offer free storage and shipping!
Daily research have been carried out in order to identify trends and innovations in the design, fashion and accessory industry. The selection is focused on distinctive objects satisfying the taste of an audience ready to stand out from the ordinary.
Doing shopping on means having a different experience; our Team offers its expertise to give each customer some tips, descriptions, details and interesting facts about products.
All items on the website have a 2 years minimum guarantee, with free extension of another two years. is the only online shop that guarantees delivery of products in the city of Milan in just two hours time!


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