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Zora Romanska

Zora Romanska,,
Zora Romanska is a painter and graphic designer. Being an artist is not only her specialty, received in the form of education and work for many years in Italy, but it is also her mission in life. With many awards and international exhibitions, she has always strived towards new horizons and challenges. This is how the brand ZR – Zora Romanska was born in the end of 2013 and how her career as a jewelry artist actually began. Choosing to work specifically with high-quality leather and magnets, Zora creates extravagant handmade jewelry pieces that have multifunctional possibilities and bring the strong feeling of uniqueness to the one wearing them. The most distinguishing models of the brand are the jabots - magnificent ornamental cascades of leather ruffles or frills, and the cuffs – the perfect finish for every wrist, quite often specially crafted with a hidden key inside. The key itself, later turned out to be one of the most emblematic and recognizable elements for the brand and it can be seen not only on cuffs, but also on rings, necklaces, belts and clutches. Other popular pieces come with diverse powerful quotes, which can be interpreted differently by every person. Their main purpose is to inspire and stimulate, bring meaning of art and design to the everyday life, and as Zora likes to say “Jewelry is like art – making and wearing it can be perceived and comprehended however you like. Perception is the real psychology of art!”
Zora Romanska is born in 1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has graduated with MFA in painting (2007) and received a Master’s degree in graphic design and communication (2009), both from the Academy of Fine Arts “Santa Giulia“ in Brescia, Italy, where she became professor of Computer Graphics and teaches in the years 2007 - 2010. Zora has won several awards – first prize at the Competition Restayling logo Vigasio (2005); first prize at Lu5a (2006) Milan - Not Only Contemporary Art Gallery, Venice, Italy; first prize in “Life is like a tree” (2007) by Segesta2000, Milan, Italy; second prize in seventh edition “PalauArte” biennial competition of European painting (2007) Palau, Sardinia, Italy and a “Silver Graphic Pollicione XV Pellitteri’s Day” (2007), Arese, Milan, Italy. Romanska has participated in a number of exhibitions and art initiatives in Bulgaria and Italy. From 2013, her career as a jewelry artist has begun with the first "Magnetique" collection, shown in SABAI Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2014 the showroom Zora Romanska opens doors. Two years in row (2015 and 2016), she has participated in “One Design Week” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Zora’s recent works include collaboration with Errol Douglas in 2015 and 2016.
Nome prodotto 1 
Hidden Collection - Leather Jabot  - Handmade Jewellry
Nome prodotto 2 
Hidden Collection - Key Leather Cuffs, magnetic locks  - Handmade Jewellry
Nome prodotto 3 
Leather Cuffs, magnetic locks - Handmade Jewellry
Nome prodotto 4
Leather Silver Jewellry  - Earrings and ring 
Nome prodotto 5 
Word Design Collection - Inspirational Leather Necklace and Bracelet

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