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SUI fine geometry



Modern jewellery brand SUÌ fine geometry was founded by Slovenian designers Simona Korošec and Jakob Rožnik. Their perception of the world is reflected in geometrical shapes and dichotomy between natural and artificial. Their creations combine two seemingly incompatible materials: special wood and acrylic glass. After completing Communication and Media Studies on Faculty of Social Sciences - University of Ljubljana, Simona first worked in creative industry – in the advertising agencies. After 5 years, she decided to set up her own brand of jewellery together with Jakob, who completed studies in Design and Technology. The desire to create has thus grown into a serious business, and since 2015, they have been able to present themselves at the Month of Design in Ljubljana and at Design Week Zagreb on international exhibition Expo, which presents a selection of original, innovative and quality works from different areas of design. In 2017 they won the Websi Award for Best Online Store in Slovenia and in 2018 they even came so far that they presented their jewellery on Fashion Week's catwalk in Slovenia and Serbia. Journalists wrote about them in magazines like Elle, Monocle, City Life to name a few. Till now they designed and made seven completed jewellery collections that found inspiration in architecture, contemporary art, nature and music. Their jewellery has become a very desirable fashion accessory. You can buy their pieces in 14 concept and jewellery stores around Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Spain and Guatemala. 




SUÌ fine geometry was founded due to the need of the female part of the artisan duo for original, modern, geometrical and light jewellery, functioning as the finishing touch to black clothing. Similar demands were noticed on the market which was flooded with robust wooden jewellery. All this made us look for new approaches to design and technology. By exploring different types of wood we discovered a special exotic type of wood with characteristic textures, straight lines and patterns which became part of the basic idea - geometry is the basis of all life forms and can be seen everywhere around us. Geometry is hidden in humans, animals, planets, architecture, etc. The feeling of freshness is gained by combining the seemingly incompatible, the natural and warm feeling of the wood with the artificial and cold feeling of the acrylic glass.




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