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    PROGETTISTA: Giorgio Ceccotti

    • Year:: 1995
    • Category:: Altro
    • Customer:: None
    • Viewed: 969 TIMES
    DESCRIZIONE: MANIFESTO R.E.M.O. is a group of people dedicated to have fun doing what they know to do R.E.M.O. is a supplyer of products and services planned...
    MANIFESTO R.E.M.O. is a group of people dedicated to have fun doing what they know to do R.E.M.O. is a supplyer of products and services planned with the wisdom of the common people, us. Why? Because a better future start when we decide to make it start. R.E.M.O. offer is for all masters in arts and science, you too can help to test to prove to build the happy future. Better interaction between human beings is foundamental in the seek for a happy future. After industrial revolution and electronic revolution, we all see that technology alone is not going anywhere It is time to plan a pacific and natural human revolution, based upon truth and respect…you probably heard this many times but now its time for actions, to create a valid blueprint of how human business has to be run. Bosses and secretaries, supplyer and clients, producers and consumers…everybody has to go to bed at night with the consciusness of a clear mind, knowing that everybody has been treated fairly. No to high immotivated prices, no to fake smiling, no eating shit just to close a deal, no to assault-seller tricks: all this things influence our happiness and a happy person can pointed out of a crowd of simulators. So we do good to ourselves an to others when we respect our true feelings… Above all, what are we going to say to Mother Nature and Planet Earth ? sure we all know we have to respect it, but do we? How ? When? Do we really use our creativity to do every day a small act towards the Planet Earth? Sure …yes…, but between sure and yes there is space to fit a mountain in. R.E.M.O. will show how with facts, actions, arts and design services, the space between sure and yes can be widend and enlarged for the joy and the happiness of all human beings. Differences and individuality are one of the basic R.E.M.O. concepts: the magic of the human beings: we are all different, we are all the same ,. this two truths can live togheter…. Why don’t we all have personalized objects? Cars, houses, clothes, accessories , only some extra rich people with the consciousness of their individuality can do it. For all the others mass production. R.E.M.O. will produce design, sell and teach how with simple tools, imagination and techniques, everybody can have houses, clothes, accessories, designed to enhance the cosciusness of individuality, and the one own uniqueness…to be clearly and readily identified and respected in society. R.E.M.O will remain a open and expanding system, based on a procedure of honesty and truthness. Forget "Blade Runner" and "Mad Max"…forget atomic bomb shelters…the truth is Life is fun and positive…for its own nature life is positive…non-life…non-existence…is deadly boring nothingness. Life its alive, let’s go play with it…people is good and positive, we know it because we are the people. Through R.E.M.O. activities, let’s go and extablish the standards for life quality in the next immediate future. (written in Los Angeles in 1994 by Giorgio Ceccotti)

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