Weating consciously at Fuorisalone

Milan, March 7th 2017

What we know about Fuorisalone is that many areas of Milan turn into real museums for designers coming from all over the world, visited by crowds of curious people, people passionate about design and people working in the design sector. Between an industrial recovery and the other it’s possible to relax eating a sandwich or drinking a coffee among the thousands of businesses that every year take part in the most visited exhibition of the city.

What we discover this year is that this year Din - Design In 2017 present the brand new edition of wEating 2017, where the common concept of food truck, used millions of time, now rises back from its ashes, creating a new hybrid: the food truck, which nor design and neither simple street food.

In the strategic location of via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9, Din - Design In have a new and wider space for giving birth to wEating 2017. For the first time ever a selection of trucks are no more representing simple bridges between the exhibitions, and finally gain their deserved position as a real event in the event!

This first edition is the starting point of a renovated connection between food and design that aims to give food a significant space. This i show wEating is developed, as a real event like Fuorisalone, loved and followed by a heterogeneous audience, lover of good food and always seeking for food-tasting places around the city.

The event takes place in the spaces next to the Din - Design In location, prepared like a real refreshment zone with tables, chairs and design furniture. The trucks propose an offer connected to the surrounding they are in. Among the offers: ApeBedda, spokesperson of sicilian street food, and that has Pane Cunzatu had its forte. This product was born from the habits of the sicilian community that when in crises make a virtue out of a necessity: without any rich filling the bread was matched with low cost food. The recipe evolved and is now offered with richer and more sophisticated ingredients. From Sicily Marchese – Cannoli on wheels as well, that with his cart recalls the colors and the lines of the typical sicilians carts. With a patented refrigerating system that allows the ricotta to always be at its ideal temperature, he grants the client a always fresh and quality food.

Fuorisalone 2017 gains the colors and the tastes of Southern Italy: not only Sicily but also Puglia will be well represented. Thanks to Aperia we’ll discover the Salento’s taste, where street food is part of the tradition but also of nowadays daily life. The concept of that of spreading the food traditions thanks to a vehicle which is the symbol of Southern Italy: the Ape, that takes the smell, the taste and the colors of Puglia from city to city. La Puccia, with the typical salentino sandwich , soft inside and crispy outside. With its natural rising process, with drum wheat semolina, Extravirgin olive oil and its baking in the wood oven and its handmade fillings. Everything accompanied with the fine and slightly bitter beers and the unmissable wine from Salento.

While Southern Italy propose a rich and tasty offer, Northern Italy fight back with other great products. Following the trends Din - Design In selected a highly loved product: beer. For beer lovers Baladin offers a great variety of this product, with selected features aimed at the experts. Rivers of beer will then flow at the event in Lambrate, thanks to Beer Bike Baladin, that with its truck will give Milan the handmade beer produced by the famous Turin company.

In wEating also Brianza che nutre, a consortium of excellences, that went for the union form in order to properly represent the Brianza area, unique and variegated for the creations of an integrated system and for the organization of events that represent the local features. And if Ristorante Giorgione’s with the brand DAL PARMIGIANO gourmet street food has a whole parmesan menu, COOL Gelateria Naturale bases its concept on the respect for the people and the environment, whose ice-cream production follows the seasons. Apart from selecting high quality, and when possible bio and km. 0 ingredients, COOL uses bio and recycled materials both for the lab and for the shops. The electricity comes from renewable sources and the recycling is a significant part in their waste sorting process. No artificial ingredients, food colouring and chemicals are use.

Some European influence with Las Bravas that offers a food experience with Spanish tastes, taking a corner of Spain to Milan with a blue towing shaped as a Citroen Hy, a real tapas bar on wheels.

Common denominator is the passion for taste, the love the land and its products, but mainly the attention for the shape, the container that encloses the fruits of such hard work. Din - Design In wants these excellences to be its excellence, to offer its audience an experience full of emotions and amusement, that serves not only as a support but that also complete the exhibition experience.

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