The exhibition space is an industrial hangar of 2,000 square metres. The areas are given according to the exhibitors and products typology and a “themed” path to guide the visitor and guarantee the highest visibility is also created.

Every brand can ask for the dimension that better fit its needs. is also willing to evaluate customized projects tailored on the client’s needs.

Standard Exhibition Areas
- Minimum stand: 80 cm x 80 cm
- 5 SqM: 3,2 m x 1,6 m
- 10 SqM: 3,2 m x 3,2 m
- 25 SqM: 3,2 m x 7,8 m
- 60 SqM: 7 m x 8,65 m
- 100 SqM: 15,4 m x 6,50 m
- + 100 SqM for further information write to
- Showcase in the temporary shop

DOWNLOAD THE MAP of the space

Besides the exhibition space, the participation in the event Din – Design In guarantees also all the Logistic and Communication services listed below:


- Rental of the exhibition space
- Coordinated set-up with supply of platforms for the products on display
- Electricity
- Technical support for hanging of suspended lamp
- Informative support and multilingual reception with hostesses and staff at the info / press point
- Pre-spaced graphics with the exhibitor's name and website in their own space
- General coordination of the event, with support for shipments and logistics


- Press office that will promote both the event Din – Design In and the individual exhibitors (read the 2019 press review at the following link:
- 5 press kits sent to 10,000 international journalists, with the exhibitors included in the press releases
- Publication of the Din – Design In event on the main digital and paper guides such as:, MI-Tomorrow, Modem and Zero with the details of the exhibitors
- Over 100,000 digital invitations sent to contacts in the design field
- Real-time communication on the Lambrate Design District and website and related social networks
- Posts dedicated to the exhibitor published on the social pages of the Lambrate Design District and
- Publication of the exhibitors on the paper map of the event Din - Design In
- Publication of the exhibitors on the digital map of the District (300,000 views)
- Reporting (by video / photo) all the events organized in the district
- Publication of the exhibitor on the PAPER MAP of the District (50,000 copies)
- Publication of the exhibitor on the PAPER GUIDE (distributed throughout the city in 100,000 copies). The exhibitor has the possibility to purchase addition personalized advertising space (Quarter Page, Half Page, Full Page AD)

PAPER MAP: paper map of the District of Lambrate where all official events are reported with opening times and address of the location. The map is printed in 50,000 copies and distributed at the Lambrate Design District info point, the Lambrate underground station, the District of Tortona, the Brera District, Hotels, Restaurants and at the Urban Center of the Municipality of Milan. The distribution will take place during the Fuorisalone days.

PAPER GUIDE: special issue of the MI-Tomorrow magazine entirely dedicated to the District of Lambrate with all the official events along with opening times, address of the venue and event details. In addition to the map there will be pages dedicated to the events that will choose the additional service of the advertising page. The guide is printed in 100 thousand copies and distributed together with the newspaper MI-Tomorrow at the most important stops of the Milan subway, the central station and the airports. The distribution will take place during the Fuorisalone days.

Design For Catalogue - 8° edition (Additional Service)

- publication of the products in the Design For Catalogue, published by Fausto Lupetti Editore
- inclusion in the volume of the brand history and useful contacts to be contacted by potential clients
- distribution of the volume in all the Italian bookshops and in the major European cities
- free delivery of the book to 5,000 architectural studios, 500 concept and furniture stores all over the world and 2,000 journalists. Those who receives the volume can contact the design to purchase the products, to include them in the showrooms and writing an article
- free delivery of the free copy to each participant

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In additional to the services included in the participation fee, You can also take advantage of other extra services. To see the MEDIA KIT and extra services CLICK HERE