Din Design In 2016
Din-Design In has proved to have the right number for the success

Milan, 22nd April 2016

We announce the conclusion of Din-Design In’s fourth edition, an exhibiting event organized by Promotedesign.it during the Milan design week. The initiative had a short but very intense life: from the 12th to the 17th of April Din-Design In 2016 has guided us through the good design inspired by innovation, functionality and research. Unfortunately, as all good things do, DIN2016 recently ended, giving us the possibility to reflect about the results obtained.

This year again Din-Design In arose very enthusiastic reactions thanks to the creative atmosphere characterizing an event oriented to the innovation in the design sector. Starting from this point, Din-Design In 2016 has been the promoter of good design making it available to everyone through an exposition rich in contents and events. Journalists, experts, and design lovers could admire the products of more than 150 designers coming from all over the world. More than 100’000 people have visited the location that for 6 days has hosted the best of self-made produced design and industrial too, along with a temporary shop for the contemporary jewel and a specialized bookshop.

The words of Enzo Carbone, Din-design In founder, confirm the success obtained: “This edition had very good results: very positive is the feedback I received from the exhibitors telling me that they met different buyers coming from different countries. This makes me very happy and it balances with all the efforts we made to realize this event. Surely we’ll keep going that way also proposing further ideas in the next editions”.

Din-Design In organized also very interesting initiatives conceived to enrich the visitors experience. The workshops taught by important protagonists of the sector, organized thanks to the collaboration of the POLI.design, registered a very good turnout. Food design was the main topic of the lecture by Paolo Barichella – food designer – while Paolo Paci – teacher for the courses of Alta Formazione di POLI.design, gave us important suggestions on how to self-promote in the right way. Other special guests took part in Din-Design In 2016: Pier Paolo Pitacco – Rolling Stone Italia art director – who told the attendants how to make a portfolio able to catch the recipients interests; and Paola Pozzoli with Marco De Allegri explained how to use the social media channels with the aim to improve our visibility.

One of the most appreciated events was the book Design For’s launch, that for the fifth time in raw has given visibility to new projects of selected designers. Different people took part in the ceremony along with Enzo Carbone, the founder of the initiative itself: Axel Iberti, Head of Product for Gufram, Gianpietro Sacchi - POLIdesign courses director, Alberto Zanetta - POLIdesign courses coordinator, Joe Velluto - Product Designer and Emilio Nanni - Product Designer.

Attention was also given to the food, one of the most influent trend topics. In fact, it was realized an area focused on the street food: Aperia, Bedda and Beer Bike Baladin were able to meet the visitors taste thanks to the gastronomic regional excellences. Regarding the Italian excellences, on Sunday the 17th, Simone Salvini, one of the most famous vegetarian chef, delighted visitors at Din-Design In by explaining how to make a vegan dish recipe. It was an engaging showcooking realized thanks to the collaboration with Funny Vegan.

A lot of news characterized the fourth edition of one of the most desired events during the design week, we can just wait the next year to find out what Din-Design In is thinking of to surprise us.

The projects developed by Promotedesign.it are:
Design For, a book/catalogue with the best design-concepts carefully chosen by Promotedesign.it; a very useful tool to all the manufacturing firms that havethe possibility of selecting the best ideas from international designers.
Din - Design In, an expositive event created to give the chance to self-produced-designers to show their creations to an international audience and to allow a greater distribution of their concept.
Treneed.com, e-commerce channel dedicated to the producers, auto-producer and passionate about design that with the website can close business negotiations.

Since 2002, Milan-based A4Adesign has created and produced design objects and furniture in honeycomb cardboard: stage settings, installations for exhibitions and commercial areas as well as for refreshment and recreational areas for adults and children. All that is made of recycled and recycling cardboard.
Since 2009 Promotedesign.it has been promoting design and creativity through a web platform connecting a big collective of designers and architects. Through the portal all registered users can create a professional profile from which they are able to manage personal information, contacts, pictures of products, concept, and developing projects, descriptions and biographies. The system has been conceived to get in touch all the actors in the sector, designers, companies, prototyping labs, photographers, machining workshops, press offices and communication to update and implement a network continuously changing. It is an instrument and an occasion to build new collaborations among different realities. Moreover Promotedesign.it offers disclosure on news, events, training and contests by giving space to a notice board, videos, legal area where discussing useful subjects for professionals in the sector.


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