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DESCRIZIONE PROFILO: M a s s i m o    F r a n c a l a n c

M a s s i m o    F r a n c a l a n c i


2013 Zumtobel Lighting Consultant Zumtobel

2012 Zumtobel Planning and Lighting design for ebition “MATERIA” by Federica Basiloni 

2012 Zumtobel   Lighting Consultant

2011 Zumtobel Lighting Consultant  

2010 Altatensione lighting design for comercial centre “Parco Leonardo” Roma    

2010 Altatensione  lighting designer head office 

2009 Altatensione lighting project for “Centro Arte Contemporanea Cavalese” 

2009 Altatensione lighting project for commercial and exposition building 

2009 Altatensione lighting project for “Palazzo Comunale di Orbetello” 

2009 Altatensione lighting project for museum “Fondazione Primo Conti” Fiesole  

2009 VELA concept for house. Interior of the house is protected by a system of sails can provide energy and climate control 

2009  MINIHOUSE concept of a small house 

2009  F13 concept house based on a structure-wing 

2009  MONHOLITH concept for mobile devices 

2009  LOOKA.IT graphic project and lighting for exposition  2008  B&B studio graphic project 

2008  CASTELLO di MONTAUTO web site, graphic project and photography     

2008  PAN international Interior and light design for showroom  

2008  PAN international project for ventilated façade factory 

2008  CANONICAINCHIANTI web site, graphic project and photography     

2008  LOOKA.IT graphic project

2008  Angela Cordini graphic project

2008  Altatensione concept for showroom and factory layout  

2008   Tecvisual graphic project  

2008   Fiorucci historical research and the relationship between funky business logic and radical pop  

2007   Altatensione  visual and comunication project   

2007  Take shape research on the relationship between man and digital devices 

2007  interior design Tecnodynamic  

2007  Homelette flexible food scale Ariete

2007  Daisy chaise lungue design 

2007 0-Killed hybrid lightweight racket for squash-pelota- 

2007  IWM Identity Washing Machine graphic project 

2006  Creactivity Piaggio Industrial design for vehicle parts     

2006  Bimar project for stand SIA Rimini and furniture project 

2006  Monho’ virtual girl for monholith 

2006 Ristorante Corsini graphic project 

2006  Onor mention Steab   Progetti di luce competition (Modulo X modular luminaire)   

2006  Brotini package design 

2006  Designer e interior designer for IS Design

2005  Upper Sky Office competition first prize    

2005  Designer and Interior Designer for IS Design

2004  Packaging design for Monholith titanium jewels. 

2004  Jewelry design for Monholith titanium jewels. 

2004 Designer and Interior Designer for IS Design 

2004  ESA (European Space Agency) Mediet experiment on board of ISS International Space Station  

2004  T-shirt prototype test on parabolic flight  (ESA European Space Agency)

2003 Diaplex T-shirt with “Corpo9 factory”  and LHAB design   Designer and Interior Designer for IS Design

2003 Microhab M-Series mobile house 

2003 Designer e Interior Designer for Bedini&Partners.  

2002   Designer e Interior Designer for IS Design. 

2001-2003 IACSA International Advanced Center for Space Applications.    R&D for interior design and ergonomy design HAB Module di ISS (NASA contract) 

2000.2002 Free Lance Designer

1999.2000 Design and realization of gardens and green areas 

1998  CAD Designer for Bedini&Partners. 

1996.1998 Free Lance Designer 

1996 Designer and Interior Designer for Faber Florence.


2012  CIP Controls Zumtobel  

2012 Onlite advanced Zumtobel  

2012  Commercial agent   Cescot Firenze (enable) 

2011 Value Selling and sales techniques   Zumtobel (Steiner) 

2011 Base training Zumtobel  

2010 Workshop lighting design for retail Politecnico di Milano Indaco department Teachers: Patetta and Rossi 

2010 Workshop lighting design per beni culturali Politecnico di Milano Indaco department                                                                    Teacher: Gianni Forcolini 

2009 Diaux expert certificate                         

2008 Lighting design dai fondamenti al CAD  a.a. 2008.2009  Director: prof. Maurizio Rossi, Politecnico di Milano Indaco department  

2008 LED Lighting design Politecnico di Milano Indaco department    

2006 Creactivity workshop Piaggio      

2006  Advanced training photography Teacher: Piero Berti

2005-2006 I.S.I.A. Firenzefirst level courses for industrial design

2003  Cimatron-e 4.2 3d/2d cad cam software. At Microsystem training centre    

2003  Web design training at Pratomedialab centre for contemporary art “Luigi Pecci”                       

2002 ESA-ESTEC WorkshopAt ESA European Space Agency in Noordwijk Holland.

1992-1999Architecture study at University of Florence

1999 University of Florence - Architecture-Urban design atelier workshop Florence. First Prize in final competition

1998 University of Florence - Architecture-Urban design atelier workshop Manchester. Second Prize in final competition              

1992  Art high school Florence 1 “Architecture specialization 5 years”.


2012  Inside – Zumtobel magazine 

2006  Flare Architectural Lighting Magazine ( n° 42, September 2006) Italy; Dossier Componenti  (n° 83, September 2006) Italy.

2005 Ottagono (n°186, December 2005) Italy; Abitare (n° 454, October 2005 pag. 236) Italy; Venerdì di Repubblica (n° 905, July 2005 pag. 103) Italy; Catalogo Upper sky office competition (n° 1, July 2005)Italy.

2004 ARCA (November 2004) Italy;  ARCA (n° 192, May 2004 pag. 56) Italy.

2002-2003    Casamica (n° 4, 2003) Italy;  La Nazione (n° 205, 2002) Italy;  Kult (n° 5, 2002) Italy; Ottagono (n° 148, 2002) Italy;  Elledecor (n° 9, 2002) Italy;  Happy Web (n° 11, 2002) Italy.

2001 Zip Magazine (n° 25, 2001) Japan; Il Sole 24 Ore (2001) Italy; Campus Web (n° 11, 2001) Italy.


2006  Un.Due.Tre. Stella photographic exhibition at the “Cassero Medievale Prato”.

2003 Intimacy beyond media Ex-Station Leopolda, Florence.   Space Hotel e Space Tourist t-shirt prototype. 

1999 Frontiere dello Spazio Architecture and Design third Edition, Ex-Station Leopolda, Florence.  Mars TransHab Mock-Up e Renders 

1998  1999 Univercity ’99, University of Florence. Mars TransHab Mock-Up e Renders

1998   Frontiere dello Spazio Architecture and Design second Edition,Swiss consulate, Florence.      Mars TransHab Mock-Up e Renders

1998 Frontiere dello Spazio Architecture and Design first Edition,Statuto Station, Florence.   Mars TransHab Mock-Up e Renders


Italian and English

SOFTWARE  for Mac and PC

Cimatron  E 5.1/4.2 ; Rhinoceros ; Dialux ; Relux ; Maxwell render ; Autocad ; FormZ ; Vectorworks ; Poser 4 ; Corel Draw 7 ; Corel Photo Paint ; Microsoft Word ; PowerPoint   Microsoft Office ; Adobe PhotoShop  ; Adobe Indesign ; Adobe Illustrator 8 ; Adobe acrobat pro Nikon Capture ; Nikon Camera Control ; Macromedia Dreamweaver ; Macromedia Flash ;  Software LS100 Minolta; Zumtobel software 


Lighting measure radiometric and photometric

Domotic and lighting controls

Lighting for cinema and photography

CNC,cad/cam, mechanical processing, rapid prototiping

Mechanical processing for titanium

Photography and postproduction analogic and digital

Freehand drawing .      

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