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DESCRIZIONE PROFILO: WHO ARE THEY. The profiles of two complementary figures. He is a Scots Italian, based in Milan with a broad multifaceted design experience who has...
WHO ARE THEY. The profiles of two complementary figures. He is a Scots Italian, based in Milan with a broad multifaceted design experience who has studied and lived for many years in the U.S. and works mostly in international environments, Alberto Fraser - architect, industrial designer. His eyes sparkle at the thought of building something that lasts over time (his hands bear the traces), aside from his professional work practices he intensely lives the experience of bronze sculpture, metal patinas on sheet metal, watercolors, blues harmonica, sailing and cooking with friends. She is a very Italian designer who loves good design and useful objects, this translates into clean, elegant and timeless. "She believes that every day she receives stimuli from the world, which then transmits to their projects”. A flow of ideas and considerations of various nature and source which give a deeper conceptual expressivity to a project. This involves continual exploration into perimetral areas of a design concept. She loves photography, philosophy, communicating and sharing ideas with others and every type of outdoor sport. Their uniqueness begins on a personal level and naturally permeates the professional field in a fluid manner, without forcing the issue. He values her for her formal discipline, superb chromatic sensibility, versatility, structure, technique and care in the preparation of visual presentations and her deep sense of aesthetics and human interface and communication. She appreciates his great capacity for renewal, concreteness in his approach to design, manual dexterity and technical abilities, curiosity about everything around us and the continued search for deeper growth. Their diversity and shared outlook makes them complementary yet compatible in a design approach. This combination of disciplines is their strength, guaranteeing a uniqueness of design and a powerful, dynamic, effective resource for our clients. Through this lively and sometimes turbulent confrontation and above all constructive dialogue, innovative projects are born, full of significance which become successful products for their clients and makes FraserToscaniniDesign a focal point of talented professionals who become part of our group allowing us to field the right professional profiles for diverse projects.. WHAT DO THEY BELIEVE IN. They share a continuous quest for excellence within their projects, the love for beautiful and well made objects that last in time, the great importance of the emotional component of a project and a deep belief in creating something useful, functional and innovative. This ongoing dialogue has developed a deep mutual professional respect, tenacity, perseverance and the formulation of a common belief and design approach. “Today we have too much of everything and our material resources are finite, so whatever we design and build must be weighed and filtered through this reality in order to be truly useful”. Design using manufacturing processes and materials in an economical manner and with respect for the environment. All of these beliefs are transferred to and are integral to each of our projects through a continuous, constructive dialogue between us and our customers. WHAT THEY DO FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS. A unique, innovative and effective approach,. Fraser and Toscanini not only design "products " they communicate the company" Through integrating designing contexts" as a vehicle for corporate communication of their products. "Creating context" means involving the company in high level events centered around their products and with a high mediatic profile, in order to express the maximum potential and to communicate to the world through a living experience. Coordinate with our client the direction of press release and event communication to derive the maximum press coverage of the event. This means placing the products in a context that communicates both the validity and potential of the product centered around the company's message. "Within our group we have skills, know-how and international experience that allows us to combine the various figures and professional disciplines to respond to any design brief or project requirements of our customers. " WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP DO THEY BUILD WITH A COMPANY . They believe in "truth," in reality and in an open, constructive dialogue, which is built with other people, which in this case are their customers. They believe in a sincere and profound respect for the company's role in modern society, the ability to listen carefully to the parameters of a project expressed by the needs and projections of their customers. Discuss the situation and evaluate the design process with the customer. They can turn a brief or concept into reality quickly and at a reasonable cost Maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue with all players in the project is a key issue and is an important part of the way they operate. THEIR CLIENTS: Luxit, Milan, Norway; Lucky Gold, Seoul S.Korea; Status, Milan; BEA Filtri, Pero – Milan; Lumencenter, Italia; Intercos, Milan; Arredamenti Porto, Genova; Deborah, Milan; Buccellati jewelry, Milan; Lanfossi jewelry, Milan; Firme di vetro, Mestre; Philips, Eindhoven; Opel, Germany; Side lighting instruments, Milan; Gaggia, Robecco sul Naviglio, Milan; Mandarina Duck, Cadriano di Granarolo Emilia (BO); Piana Clerico, Biella – Italy; Bulgari, Rome; JAL Group SpA, Gozzano (Novara); Panda Safety, Cisternino (Bari); Navigazione Lago Maggiore, Arona (Novara); Plam srl, Legnano (Milano); Creativando, Udine; Ritzenhoff, Masberg (Germany).

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