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DESCRIZIONE PROFILO: I am 34 years old, born in Florence, but grew up in a beautiful island like Sardinia, I deal with design practically forever. As a child I loved...
I am 34 years old, born in Florence, but grew up in a beautiful island like Sardinia, I deal with design practically forever. As a child I loved drawing all sorts of gimmicks. I drew the motor covered 10 years, back when the BMW perhaps we had thought. I never thought of doing this as work, I looked more like a very fun hobby. My goal was to build houses, big skyscrapers. Born in a family where the masons were abundant, and more often than my father took me to construction sites where he worked, this seemed the end point. Since the primary I had very clear ideas, saying that I would become an architect. After graduation I went to work in the studio of an architect for two years, but unfortunately we never wire, or maybe I did not like not being able to express my ideas about the works that were carried out. I decided to leave and joined the Faculty of Architecture of Florence. From then on my mind open to excess, I began to understand many things, many things to see and to feel the pressures that brought us the professors. The university, then became a place to find stimulation, beyond the mere teaching, moments of cultural exchange, information exchange, a continuous enrichment, day and night (in the true sense of the word!) In the meanwhile also started to work and thanks to more work experience, contacts could create me that apparently could be away from my job but now count as part of my own design activities. (One of the biggest companies that I follow the Alessanderx, a leading manufacturer of mattresses). Still, I deal with the design of exhibition stands, chain stores and all that can be used within a company. And they are many. Together with Alessanderx, we designed beds and up to the plate inside the mattress. In 2010, I created the concept for the retail chain of brand-Tonino Lamborghini Magniflex in China, which will be the first store in a long line. For two years now, the coming of the design world. That thanks to some companies, is developing more and more. Each step, each work shift occurred at random, unexpected, but with my mental well-defined line. Lately it has been submitted to the London Design Festival, "LAMP" light a simple but interesting I think, which was much appreciated. This will put into production by the company Ergat Farnč Raffaele group who believed in me. Also for them, he is pursuing a very interesting and ambitious project, the diversification of their main business, which is the carpentry industry. But thanks to the foresight and entrepreneurship of the owner is being made office furniture. Already presented as a preview of the office last exhibition in Cologne. A very interesting and stimulating challenge. Of course, there are many other projects, interesting and beautiful, all with their own history, but to stay I would say that synthetic is enough. The future goal? certainly be able to create a multipurpose facility can design, as he said Gropius "from spoon to city", each project should be a time of cultural enrichment, perhaps useful to the next project or future.

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