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For the collection, D/Vision, Ferruccio Laviani implements a process of decomposition and separation, on different levels. Starting from the trumeau – a fashionable item back in the 1950’s – Laviani redesigns its outline, making it an unexpected, surprising object, while still unveiling its original shape.  
The collection is made up of three versions: D/Vision .0, D/Vision .1, D/Vision .2.
D/Vision .0 maintains the shapes and finishings of the original furniture, as well as the crimped walnut typical of that time period, the ashlar-work of the lower part and the brass tips. The ensemble is subverted by a long, orange, fluorescent Plexiglas sheet which cuts the upper part of the item like a blade, altering its structure. The oval mirror in the middle of the upper part is thus divided into two parts and, as a result of this split, acquires two different materials. Therefore, the upper part is mirrored, whereas the lower part lacks the mirroring effect and is made of glass, so that the shelves and the content of the unit remain visible.
In D/Vision .1 the unit is literally divided into two parts by an imaginary diagonal line. In this case, the upper part symbolically slides downwards, changing the original design. The bipartition is reproduced by the colours and finishings, contrasting the blue lacquering of the lower part and the crimped walnut of the upper part, where the oval mirror was also kept.
D/Vision .2, the last of the three projects completes the metamorphosis, by dividing the original item through some sort of explosion. Like a Cubist painting, which shows the subject from different viewpoints as in a perspective, the trumeau is also decomposed into different parts and immortalised. Each part becomes a unit of its own, but the power of the whole ensemble emerges as we observe its beauty. The addition of army green painted backgrounds, alternating with parts where the original crimped wood was kept, completes the design of a product which almost erases the borders between a unique piece and a collection item.

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