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Box units of '“Tsumi Kibako” system are flexible design units with three-sized wooden boxes; they are available in big, medium or small size and are perfect for creating flexible shelve system. According to the needs and creativity they can be used in four purposes: shelf, stand, basket or tray simply by changing the direction of the box itself. 
It also be attached one to each other with designed wedge joint. The boxes easily can adopt space and be used for many purposes for showing and storing, according to the user's ingenuity and creativity. There are five-optional colors for its separator partition: Brown, avocado, sky, orange, pink.
“Tsumi Kibako” means “stacking-wood-box” in Japanese. Firstly, it was designed for the Miyakonojo City Library in 2018. In 2018 it also won the Good Design Award and there achieved 1 million visitors in less than a year and became a citizen's new place in Japan. The project was a renovation project of a former shopping mall that was flipped into public library. That's why “Tsumi Kibako” design is influenced by Marche boxes. About 80% of the camphor tree is planted in Kyushu, that’s why Tsumi Kibako are made by local wood. The finish was made using the characteristic wood pattern of camphor tree. 
“Tsumi Kibako” is a project by Aida Atelier Tokyo, an architecture firm based in Tokyo, Japan and established in 2009 by Tomoro Aida. The Atelier practice in architecture, interior design, product design. Since 2018 it collaborates with Italy and Turkey. Tomoro Aida is the principal architect. Born and raised in Tokyo, he studied at the Institute of Technology and moved then to USA, where he graduated from Pratt Institute in 2001 and Harvard University in 2003. 
He worked for Studio LIBESKIND,LLC, New York and later he moved back to his own country Tokyo where he co-established studioNODE, Inc. Since 2009, he runs his own atelier and completed various scale and design projects in Japan.  
Ilgin Ezgi Tunc is the partner architect and she was born in Istanbul. She graduated in Milan Polytecnic University (M.Arch) in 2014. She moved to Japan and worked for Sou Fujimoto Architects in 2015-2017. Then she joined in Aida Atelier and works in various projects, which are mostly in Europe and Asia.

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