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Around the World in 2k Square meters

Din - Design In returns for the seventh consecutive year. An international design event that will take place from 9 to 14 April 2019 on the occasion of the Milan Design Week. After the success of the 6 previous editions confirms its presence within the most stimulating district of Milan Design Week: the Lambrate Design District, where visitors can get lost in quality exhibitions created by designers and independent entrepreneurial realities, schools and international academies.
KPD - Russia - Din 2018
The exhibition site is a former industrial warehouse of 2,000 square meters, where will create an experiential path, discovering and carefully selecting innovative brands, young labels and historical brands to show the best that the contemporary design scene has to offer. Over the previous editions Din - Design In hosted over 800 companies from more than 80 different countries who showed their idea of design, telling the design process that led to the creation of the object and highlighted the distinctive characteristics of each single country.
Erika Calesini - Beyond The Wall 
On the outer wall of the venue the installation "Beyond the Wall" by the artist Erika Calesini will take place. The work aims to convey a current message with a strong communicative impact: "Do not give up, go beyond, overcome barriers when we are confronted with difficult situations, such as the barriers that divide us from others". The design, above all, stimulates to overcome the traditional design’s borders to achieve the essence of innovation and experimentation.
Puken - Alessio Tanzini - Din 2019
Inside the exhibition we find the RIMU, PUKEN and WALUNG, projects by Alessio Tanzini - Alma Eterea Zero Waste Design. RIMU is a horizontal organic compost that helps people reducing their organic waste, turning them into useful humus for garden plants. PUKEN is a container for cold storing fruit and vegetables without using electricity. WALUNG is a container for loose food, with the characteristic of having a glass body and a base in terracotta on which there is a cut that allows the controlled exit of food.
UnKnown Furniture - Din 2019
UnKnown Furniture, the brand created by the Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis, presents [BLACK] series, the first furniture line entirely made by lava / volcanic basal. Bricks is, instead, a collection of furniture for children created by the Russian designer Max Kasymov. Inspired by Lego they allow to create an ultramodern multipurpose composition that can not only host children's clothes and toys, but can teach how to keep their personal objects in order, transforming the tedious process of reordering into a game.
Max Kasymov - Din 2019
The G. d'Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara presents part of the educational activities developed in the Department of Architecture, within the Degree in Design. The students exhibit communicative artifacts designed during the courses of study. The best results obtained in the first two years of the Product Design course are shown in the kitchen and design system of the bathroom and wellness system. For the Communication area, the students propose their best works on themes related to the planning the coordinate image of the Province of Pescara’s museums. The students of NID, Nuovo Istituto Design di Perugia, renewed their presence at Din, for the third consecutive year. They’ll be exhibiting a series of ceramic objects derived from a study on semiotics of exclusively decorative objects, following a trend that sees domestic spaces increasingly populated by iconographic accessories.
Bannach - Din 2019
BANNACH is a furniture brand based in Berlin, founded by Moritz Bannach in 2018. Purist design and a bold combination of colours are among the main characteristics of the brand's design. At Lambrate in 2019 BANNACH presents the UNO collection, four dining and conference tables whose distinguishing features are two series of crossed legs that support a solid support surface. The entire collection has a strong sculptural character, highlighted by the combination of an essential design with a selection of expressive colours.
Nap - Din 2019
Within the industrial space also reconfirms its presence the Temporary shop of about 300 square meters signed and dedicated to the sale of unique and creative creations of contemporary jewelry. In the outdoor area, space will be given to food. A winter garden will be created, ready to welcome visitors from all over the world, creating stimulating synergies with the designers involved in the exhibition.
“During the 2018 edition - says Enzo Carbone, CEO of Prodes Italia, company that founded in 2010 - we have pleasantly noticed in the visitors’ eyes the amazement in finding so many international and innovative companies within a single space. For 2019 we have worked actively to involve organizations and companies from all over the world, which with their products can enhance the Lambrate District”.

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