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Graffiti Wallpaper

FEATHR and Artist Lee Herring Collaboration

Design collective FEATHR is on a mission to fill the world with more art and less decoration. FEATHR roams the world collaborating with contemporary artists to create original wallpaper and fabrics. Their latest collaboration is with British graffiti and mixed media artist Lee Herring. Lee’s contemporary landscape paintings are rich in physicality, texture and colour: spray paints, markers and acrylic paints are manipulated with palette knives, trowels and scrapers to create bold and spontaneous works.
Working with FEATHR, Lee has remixed two of his paintings into wallpaper murals, with each mural reproducing his artworks with the incredible precision that FEATHR has become known for. Palette marks, paint daubs and the artist’s gestural actions are all captured in fine detail. This is the first time Lee Herring has worked with an interior brand, so the FEATHR team ensured that the wall murals remained truly faithful to the energy of his original artworks.
“Glowing Shards” features Lee’s trademark graffiti geometric cutting daringly across a field of wild flowers. Thick, impasto texture pops from the surface casting shadows and intrigue. Glowing Shards is available as a wallpaper mural in both a rich Cobalt Blue and a soft Nordic Grey for walls up to 4.7 m wide by 3.2 m high. “Neon Bunting” is a playfully modern take on the British tradition of hanging bunting at summer parties. His use of spray paints is maximized here, with the neon graffiti bunting popping out from pastel backgrounds. Neon Bunting is available as a mural in both Electric Blue and Soho Pink for walls up to 4.7 m wide by 3.2 m high.
Tom Puukko, founder at FEATHR, commented, “Lee’s work blew us away when we first saw it. There’s this incredible juxtaposition of contemporary subject and materials with the romance of the landscape We’ve worked carefully with him to maintain the incredible depth and detail of his artworks: the resulting wall murals are truly unique centerpieces.”
Lee Herring commented, “Each of my works is an evolution of itself: painting for me is a spontaneous process where I explore colour, texture and the boundaries of contemporary art. So it’s natural to see my artworks break out of the frame and work across a whole wall. The FEATHR team have done such a great job in bringing my work to room scale whilst retaining the detail I create in each piece.”
Finnish design collective FEATHR are on a mission to fill the world with more art and less decoration. FEATHR roam the world collaborating with contemporary artists to create original wallpaper and fabrics. Founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, Anne & Tom Puukko, along with Creative Director, Oliver Green, FEATHR is based in the Finnish artist’s community of Fiskars. Artists collaborating with FEATHR include abstract artist Reeta Ek, street artist Marcos Navarro, tattooist Liam Sparkes, modernist graphic artist Peter Judson and Berlin graffiti duo, 44flavours and renowned American abstract artist Kiki Slaughter. FEATHR has been awarded Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interiors News Awards.

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