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Thierry Vide Design lamps

A cloud in your livingroom


Thierry Vidé Design lamps will let the light adorn your living space. More than a simple light device, the «Cloud Suspension» is also a steamy, light, energetic and voluptuous sculpture. Available in three sizes: 31, 47, 63 inches and also available as a wall lamp to create a real nebula atmosphere. Bright, timeless, vibrant, soft and present at the same time. On or off, the Cloud suspension creates a decomposition of the metallic frame and gies undefinable velvety effects.

The transparency aspect gives a vision of the object in three dimensions, and when seen from below, a wonderful magical view takes place: the aurora borealis. The light projection oan the walls sculpts the surrounding space and offers a new scenery. The magic always acts and the eye never stops looking.
Thanks to polished stainless steel, the light is reflecting and sculpting to create a unique atmosphere, warm and aerial, playing on wellbeing.
Each time, a new blossoming of colors takes place and gives the room a unique and singular chromatic look. The Cloud suspension uses the timeless elegance of juxtaposed organic curves, where natural and artificial lighting melt together and let us see an amazing show of colors, reflections and unique atmospheres.
Thierry Vidé’s design is the culmination of 30 years of technical and esthetic research on kinetic energy between matter and light. Thanks to Holotramie, a concept patented by the sculptor Thierry Vidé, transparency and evanescence of polished stainless steel capture natural or artificial light to restore it to pure forms.

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