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The creativity of DAM design

Selected for Design For 2019

DAM is about design, craft and furniture. It's about products that tell stories. The brand has high quality furniture and accessories which are oriented to distributors, retailers and interior designers who develop hospitality, corporate and residential projects. Between tradition and modern times, DAM combines traditional techniques and materials with creative drawing. It appeals to emotions, simplicity and quality of life.  
Appealing to emotions, simplicity and quality of life, DAM emphasizes the chairs Dora & Dina, and the stool/side table PIPO as the main creations for this season, being sure of the importance of these creations as elements that catch the eye of all of those who love to create happy and cozy inside spaces. Pipo, Dina & Dora honor the amazing wine region from Porto – Douro Valley, focusing its forms and shapes on elements that are originally from the wine essence. The cork, the barrels, the slopes and grapes, all of those are part of a tradition that’s here to stay. In this edition, the REGINA chocolates and The Portuguese Conspiracy join the DAM on an adventure to lead the portuguese flavors to other public. 
Pipo refers to the traditional wood barrel used for the transport and storage of wine. The mobility of the product is associated to the commercial expansion of the wine and it is as if each person carried this cultural history when carrying Pipo. This piece was produced in agglomerated black cork cluster, referring to the tone of aged casks. This material also makes it lightweight and slip resistant. The rope emphasizes the old look and it can be either produced in other colors, making it most fun and adaptable to the environment and taste of people.
Valentim, a good dose of colour!
The newest product of DAM - Valentim sofa - refers to the nostalgia of the serenades dedicated to a maiden at the balcony.  As DAM loves a good dose of colour, the light and turned structure in solid wood can be combined with the upholstery in different colours. Besides the four colours of “Fame” fabric, Valentim sofa is available in more key colours, this time in the “Step” fabric to make sure you have the right balance for your interiors. While the “Cobalt blue” expresses prestige and prosperity, “Dry yellow” offers luminosity and cheerfulness to an environment. “Hot red” is a warm, energic and positive colour. “Sereine beige” is ideal to conservative environments but it’s also very flexible. Express your mood and attitude with DAM! 
Hugo Silva and Joana Santos develop integrated Design solutions, involving strategic thinking, technology and identity. Graduated in Design from the University of Aveiro, their areas of intervention include equipment design, graphic design and web interface design. The passion to develop new objects and brands led them to be co-founders of DAM. Hugo does not relieve the sketchbook and seeks inspiration in the common everyday things to his drawings. Joana has a special taste for graphic design and craft and the work process does not dispense a practical approach. Together, they build experiences and narratives that foster the communication and dissemination of projects. They explore emotions through forms, colors, mattrials and technologies. They explore the humor and everyday things in order to generate enjoyment and cultural knowledge. The motivation is the satisfaction and interaction with people!

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