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Otero Small by Larose Guyon

The Belle Epoque Chandelier

The two designers behind Larose Guyon have created their own world haloed in poetry, romance, elegance and beauty. Since the launch of their objects collection in November 2015, they have ramped up their creativity and are now offering three new sculptural lighting fixtures. For Larose Guyon, creating a new fixture is not only about style but about the light itself. During the creative process, the magic and warmth that create light and shadow are, for them, as important as the object itself. Larose Guyon’s lighting fixtures are as attractive as the atmosphere they create. It’s at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) 2016 in New York City that you’ll have the chance to admire for the first time, all of their creations!
Félix Guyon, founder and designer of Les Ateliers Guyon, will also have the opportunity to introduce his new hanging chair, The Méliès. Inspired by the abstract and absurd world of the famous director Georges Méliès, The Méliès chair is an homage to dreams and creativity. The Squarespace headquarters in New York City has already purchased the first three chairs of the series. 
Based in Verchères, on the outskirts of Montreal, Larose Guyon matches the use of choice materials with a great formal purity to create high-end, original, distinctive items; meticulously crafted down to its finest detail. In 2014, Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon’s paths finally crossed. After progressing for many years on the parallel fields of environmental design and industrial design, today they are two designers in love. By combining both complementary visions, Larose Guyon provides simple, elegant, functional objects. Through a romantic aesthetics of items of blatant luxury, haloed in warmth and humility, they infect daily life with poetry and beauty. As their approach is imbued with refinement and distinction, they get their inspiration from nature, art, past aeons and traditions. Branded with their love, Larose Guyon products are created, drawn and crafted objects cast in their image with the help of local artisans and their know-how.
“I think we had been looking for each other for a long time. What’s funny is, we actually met at a design event and we clicked at the very moment. We must have been made for each other in our common passion for creation, because since then we never stopped evolving, and it gets better and better. Design is the seed, Larose Guyon becomes our roots and our first collection La Belle Époque is the first bud of a tree that’s merely sprouting!”
For the two designers, staying local is very important. Chiefly in a will to give work to local craftsmen, but also in the hope of being able to offer a design that people from here can be proud of, all production and assembly is 100% made in Quebec. Félix eloquently explains his vision: “We are extremely lucky to begin this adventure in an increasingly design-oriented Quebec. We can sense that people can relate more and more to design, that it’s rapidly entering everyone’s living room, year after year. Here we are working with outstanding creatives and artisans. I believe in the next decades we will be watching those specialities of ours as they sharpen and crystallize in a more accessible world. The richness we have here has to be brought to a better exploitation if we want its economy to become a spearhead for our culture on the global stage.
For their first collection, they got their inspiration from what many see as an era evoking a somewhat romantic take on a world in the midst of a unique technical and cultural revolution. At the dawn of the 20th century, Paris, center of the world, had its skies sheared and its guts spilt, making room for a new century where innovation would be complicit to man. The subtle marriage of lace and steel was progress made flesh in all its glory, and its ‘’Expositions Universelles’’ were kicking off a whole new page in modern history. The La Belle Époque collection, like a soft nostalgia, revisits the elegance and chic of the late 19th century, when machine, in all its strength and might, also knew how to speak in a soft and poetic voice.

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