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Acoustic Caves at Milan Design Week 2018

UMPRUM at Din - Design In 2018

The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), whose exhibition last year ranked among the TOP 40 of Fuorisalone Milan Design Week 2017, presented this year an unconventional exhibition at the intersection between design and architecture - Acoustic Caves.
The Acoustic Caves exhibition derives from an eponymous academic research project of the Studio of Architecture III. It becomes a site for the incubation of new forms of architecture and a new approach to this discipline. It sets itself the goal of testing the relationships between design, object, space and architecture, while simultaneously examining their limits.
"To understand and shift the boundaries of these relationships, it employs the current resources of computational design. These resources are of interest to the academic (technical and artistic) platforms of schools dealing with contemporary architecture and design. The Acoustic Caves project seeks answers to questions of how, in this age of the Industry 4.0 radical cultural and technological shift in paradigm, we can design and implement its architecture, and using what materials,” explain the authors of the exhibition, prof. Imrich Vaško and Shota Tsikolyia.
The exhibition presents five pieces of work by the creative teams of the Studio of Architecture III. It represents differentiated examples of transforming architectural typologies and contemporary computational design methods. "The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague covers a wide range of disciplines ranging from design to architecture. There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation and transcendence beyond engrained stereotypes. It is also thanks to this that this remarkable project, which UMPRUM is presenting this year at Milan Design Week, could emerge", says designer, architect and UMPRUM Vice-Rector, prof. Jiří Pelcl.
Exhibitors: Students of UMPRUM’s Studio of Architecture III (A3)
Curators: Imrich Vaško and Shota Tsikolyia
Production: Michaela Kaplánková
Exhibition architects: Imrich Vaško, Shota Tsikolyia, David Kovařík
Graphic desig: Matúš Buranovský
About the Studio of Architecture III UMPRUM
Since 2011 the Studio has been headed by prof. Imrich Vaško, at present assisted by Shota Tsikolyia. The Studio’s objective is the permanent testing of new design methods and architectural strategies, examination of the duality of the terms of architecture versus atmosphere and verifying architectural thinking in new beginnings. Prof. Vaško and Shota Tsikolyia are also the organizers of the international exhibition and symposium Academic Platforms of Computational Design.
Acoustic Caves - exhibits
Acoustic Cave (CoEx) is an object on the verge between architecture, interior design and art installation. Assembled of 240 paper/foam composite components, it creates ambiguous space for contemplation, communication and observation.
Authors: David Kovařík, Záviš Unzeitig, Ivan Olontsev, Veronika Miškovičová, Mai Minh Thanh
Soft Landscapes (SoFa) project is an attempt to use various form-finding techniques to create furniture with tectonic qualities. Made out of laminated poliurethane foam, it combines soft surface with a hard shell.
Author: David Sviták
Philharmonic caves are two architectural projects, aimed at new definition of the philharmonic space, which grows from the inside. Cave, as an archetype of the inside without an outside, provides an inspiring new typology as well as a new design language.
Authors: Štěpán Krahulec, David Kordovský, David Fořt
Acoustic Tiling is a project, which tests new materiality as well as morphology. Ceramic foam panels start as a highly ordered and organized pattern and transform into cracked deconstruction of a wall, providing diffusion both for the sound and for the eye of an observer.
Author: Kristin Gravdal
Cellular structures test different topologies through the repletion of one cellular space-filling component. Their various characteristics, such as transparency, elasticity or rigidness are implemented within the fields of fashion design or architecture.
Authors: Jan Adamus, Ondřej Pokoj, Eleonora Orlandi, Ivan Olontsev, Martin Kotoul
Pictures taken by Peter_Kolarcik

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