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Sprech AgorÓ Design Contest

A competition for young talents in architecture and design


Sprech Agorà Design: a competition for young talents in architecture and design.
A physical space, a crossroads of experiences, the meeting of ideas, projects and professionalism. This is the leitmotiv of Agorà Design, the event dedicated to design organized by Sprech Group.
The historic center of Martano (Lecce), the heart of the Grecìa Salentina, will be the place where the roads of design, innovation and artisan tradition will meet to give rise to a vital creative ferment. The goal of the event is to enhance every single step that leads to the creation of something new: idea, design, choice of materials and production; as well as fostering dialogue between new generations of professionals and production companies. The program of the event promises a lively discussion on the themes of architecture and design, on the challenges of the future, with particular attention to: functionality, aesthetic care and environmental sustainability.
Freelancers and companies will have the opportunity to exhibit their projects of architecture and design, with a particular focus on elements of urban furniture and landscape. The public will be able to draw inspiration, attend workshops and discover new trends. For all those who will participate in the competition sections, Agorà Design will not only be a prestigious showcase but the possibility of transforming an idea into a prototype, transforming a pencil sketch in a real design product.
Manrico Freda - Contemporary Felt Pouf Cora 
In fact, Sprech Group is committed to prototype the most suitable projects for an eventual commercializationas, it has already done in the last edition.
From design to the market, to ensure innovative projects the opportunity to undertake the production process that will lead them to be the protagonists of everyday life. Agorà Design is therefore an opportunity to grasp, to measure itself with art and beauty.
The competition is divided into two sections:
• Living (designing and producing interior design products)
• Garden (competition of ideas for the outdoor)
Teresio Fasani - Libreri Kundalini 
The participants are asked to propose original projects that are representative in the field of HOME INTERIOR FURNISHINGS, characterized by design, functionality and environmental sustainability, which describe innovative ways of use and new applications of materials that have at the same time a strong Italian / European identity.
The applications and the materials accompanying the project for the Living section must be sent exclusively to the dedicated e-mail address: with SUBJECT: AGORA DESIGN CONTEST - PROMOTE no later than midday on 04 June 2018.
In consideration of the criteria and aims of the competition, after having examined the drawings received and assessing their originality, level of innovation, valorisation of artisanal producibility, their social, ecological and economic suitability, their formal, functional and emotional aspects and the suitability of their materials, the jury, with irrevocable judgement, will select them and award 3 cash prizes.
First prize offered by - Martano (Le)     2.000,00 euros (two thousand euros/00)
Second prize offered by Acam - Martano (Le)      1.000,00 euros (one thousand euros/00)
Third prize offered by Calasso Designer - Copertino (Le)     500,00 euros (five hundred euros/00) (as per Presidential Decree 600/73, art. 30 and subsequent amendments) 
In the event of a draw, the prize will be divided between the competitors. Winners will be notified via fax or e-mail written communication directly from the organising secretary of the competition. The Selection Committee, with its irrevocable judgement, may consider that no project suitably meets the requirements of this announcement, and therefore may not identify any winning project. The decision of the Selection Committee is final, indisputable and cannot be challenged. .
The participants are asked to propose original projects in the following thematic areas:
1. outdoor furniture
2. textile structures: roofing, tensile structures, covering roofs, roofing of public and private outdoor spaces (dehor and gazebo)
The entries must be sent anonymously by 01.09.2018.
The jury after having examined the received works, evaluating their originality, the degree of innovation, the valorisation of the craftsmanship, the social, ecological, economic, the formal, functional and emotional aspects, the adequacy of the materials, and having them selected, will award 3 cash prizes with unquestionable judgment.
first prize € 4,000.00 (€ 4,000 / 00)
second prize € 2,500.00 (€ Two thousand five hundred / 00)
third prize € 1,500.00 (€ Five hundred and five hundred / 00)
Samuel Fournier e Libero Rutilo - Infinity
E-mail to send applications: with SUBJECT: AGORA DESIGN CONTEST - PROMOTE
Sprech is a leading company in the production and distribution in Italy and in the world of modular roofing and tensile structures in high resistance polyester fiber fabric and supporting structures in steel, aluminum and wood, under the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. The solid technological know-how acquired and continuously perfected in over thirty years of experience, assisted by a highly qualified technical-professional team, allows the company to offer timely solutions for every market need. Sprech uses raw materials of the highest level and cutting-edge technologies. Latest generation machinery are the basis of certified products with a high quality standard. All Sprech products have a low cost of maintenance and management, with an optimal quality / price ratio.

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