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New Design Series by Volker Haug

Luxury, sophistication and refinement


Since founding his practice nearly a decade ago, German-born Volker Haug has developed an international reputation in lighting design. His work features a distinct aesthetic, incorporating industrial and minimalist elements, together with a strong sense of colour and high-end materials. 
A new design series is being launched at DENFAIR 2017, encapsulating the sleek iconic forms evident throughout the full range, while further pushing the envelope in terms of refinement and utter sophistication. With a number of completely new designs, together with an expanded selection of finishes and options within the existing range, the new design series by Volker Haug expands on a highly successful collection that will be sure to impress. 
When asked about about the new launch, Volker explains, “I’m very excited about our new 2017 design collection which is partly completely new, partly an extension of the products we’ve launched last year at Den Fair. These products have turned out to be a real talking point.”
In June 2016 Volker Haug lauched the Chain series that is both part jewellery and part industry. These fixtures are simultaneously delicate and bold, with the designs disguising the cabling within the chain links themselves. The illusion is given that the light source is magically illuminated without any cables at all and is simple suspended from solid chain. 
With a number of designs within the collection, the only U wall light and Chain on U pendant seemingly balance two spherical lights like a perfectly weighted scale. there is also simple pendant titled Chain Chain Chain, that is beautiful in its simplicity. the missing link wall light features a single chain link with an elegant marble backplate. all styles come in a variety of powdercoat and metallic finishes.
The Volker Haug studio and showroom is the beating heart of Haug’s practice, and is open to anyone keen to experience the wonder and delight that the designer’s work injects into a space. Haug is available for the commission of bespoke pieces, and of course the complete range is displayed in the showroom, where visitors can experience the rapturous glow that is the Volker Haug signature. 

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