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The Facet by Bloomming

The ultimate space divider


The Facet suspended room divider is perfect for dividing the space in rooms. It does this stylishly through capturing and reflecting light. The individual geometric diamond shapes can rotate independently, creating beautiful patterns of light and shade. You have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, pivot the diamonds to catch the light or flip them to create more transparency! Facet is beautiful and practical.
The Facet suspended room divider is 100% modular. We can supply the screen in any size and shape you could wish for. Ideal for your home, commercial/public spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, retail stores or reception areas. We have 117 popular sizes available from stock. But as it is a modular system, we can easily create one to suit your requirements. It can even be used as a stunning wallcovering. The possibilities are endless.
Facet’s unique adjustable design allows you to adapt the way it looks in your space. The individual elements that make up the screen can be rotated. Even a slight adjustment to the angle of the diamonds will create unique patterns and effects.
The diamond-shaped Facet elements and frame sections are available in a whole range of contemporary colors: White, Graphite, Pearl Gray, Pale Blue, Dijon and Chestnut. These carefully selected colors lend each Facet room divider a completely different character and look, to match the distinctive style of your interior. The ceiling mounts for the suspended room divider are available in brushed stainless steel.
The Facet suspended room divider comes with a clear 6-step assembly instruction. The smart modular design makes assembly and installation very simple. Almost any type of ceiling is suitable for mounting Facet. It is designed as a sustainable product. The screen comprises high-quality, strong and durable injection molded materials to ensure that everything we create will really last. The smart click-together system not only makes it simple to assemble, but also little effort to dismantle. Facet is fully recyclable, fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static.  
The designers behind Bloomming are Bas Van Leeuwen and Mireille Meijs. The goal is is to be 100% recyclable, and 100% made in The Netherlands, as working with local companies minimises logistics and maximizes control over environmentally-friendly production methods. Cutting edge design furniture – a selection of great design products that fit into any modern interior design space. Bloomming is Industrial Poetry. Their vision is Flexibility, Modularity and Sustainability, that are the pillars of Bloomming. The products are unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses.

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