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Colorful animal trophies for every home


Papertrophy®, suppliers of animal trophies from paper, was established in 2015 by Dr. Holger Hoffmann in Berlin. At Papertrophy,® customers assemble their trophies themselves: True to the motto of the company "Do not shoot them - glue them”, they are delivered pre-cut into individual pieces, pre-creased and assembled by hand using a special glue stick. With an extensive range, the most unusual animals, including dinosaurs, unicorns, dobermans and gorillas beckon alongside classics such as deer, moose, rhinos and elephants. The wall trophies and standing figures are available in different sizes, so they fit into any room, whether new or old buildings or lofts. 

The Papertrophy® products are easy to assemble: The pre-cut and pre-creased individual pieces are numbered and are glued together with a special glue which the company also offers for sale. After some time, the result is a three-dimensional work of art, without long instructions. To ensure that everything works, Papertrophy places a training sheet in® each package so that forgotten gluing arts can be reactivated before the correct Papertrophy® is started.
The product design is inspired by the well-known animal trophies, but translated into a timeless form. The minimalist polygon structure of the stylized trophies creates an interesting and fine surface structure. Customers can choose between different color themes. Because the option of two colored trophies is also possible, the range includes more than 100 color combinations. 
For the design of animal trophies, Papertrophy® several international design awards. These include the following: 
iF Design Award 2016 
German Design Award 2017
Core77 Design Award
Interior Design Award
All papers used are handpicked by German paper manufacturers, environmentally certified with the FSC seal and weigh at least 230 g/m2. The pre-cut and pre-creased sheets are subjected to a thorough control before receiving the official Papertrophy® seal. 
The list prices for the Papertrophy® products range between €19 and €250 depending on the model and size.

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