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Design For 2017

The sixth edition that brings with it a baggage full of history and traditions

Design For, annual editorial initiative by and now at its sixth edition, is again the great showcase for young designers that wants to propose their ideas to the manufactures.  

Design For 2017 presents to a large audience of readers 165 projects created by 89 designers coming from all over the world, and great special contents of well-know personalities in the design sector. The readers will then be cheered up by the interviews of Moroso, Kristalia and Alias and from the internationally known designers Odoardo Fioravanti, Alessandro Dubini and Lorenzo Damiani, where they tell the stories of success and useful advices to all the younger designer.
Design For 2017 is always filled with important factors, as the internationalization of the project, already introduced in the previous edition with the participation of international designers and the production of the bilingual book, distributed to more than 5,350 firms in the design sector, both in Italy and abroad, and since last year a pretty good number of journalists joined it, that from 1,000 of 2015 went up to 2,000
Since promotion and communication are concepts that go together, Design For included the Design For Adwords, activities with the goal of expanding the visibility’s channel of the designers.
In particular among all the participants of Design For 2017 3 designers will be selected and they’ll have the possibility of exhibit for free their prototypes during the Din Design In 2017 event in Lambrate from the 4th to the 9th of April during the Milan Design Week and 12 more designers will be involved in the participation of a projectual workshop.
The designers selected for the free exhibition Din Design In 2017 are:
Paolo Bandiello with the project Kinu: created with a structure in solid wood and container with two doors, in MDF, lacquered, Kino is a container with linear shapes, whose graphics has been made with digital pritining, directly on MDF. Kino wants to integrate Home Design and Street Art.
Luisa Cappelli, creators of S.O.P. (Sale Olio e Pepe), are enameled ceramic food containers with the hybrid form of a penguin, that seem to be precariously balanced on the table as if to remind us of the clumsy and awkward walk of this cute animal.
LAMAA, Laura Longhi – Marco Poli, creators of Lift Me Up, a reading lamp emanating a soft light. The body consists of two wooden parallelepipeds with external natural finishing; by rotating the first parallelepiped upwards, the light turns on and the color of the lamp internal face appears.
The presentation of Design For 2017 took place at Triennale di Milano – Teatro Agorà (Viale Alemagna, 6 – Milano), for which spoken Enzo Carbone, founder of Daniele Lupetti editor of Fausto Lupetti Editore; Paola Pozzoli and Marco De Allegri of the team Digital Strategies; Odoardo Fioravanti, product designer; Alessandro Dubini, product designer; Gianpietro Sacchi, director of the course of POLIdesign; Alberto Zanetta, coordinator of the POLIdesign’s courses.







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