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PORCELANOSA Grupo,a business group specialising in building materials with more than forty years’ experience in the sector, is fully aware of the crucial role architecture and interior design professionals play in guaranteeing a project’s successful completion and is therefore pleased to announce the eleventh edition of its awards, intended to meet the following key objectives:
1_ To work closely with all those institutions that share close ties with architecture and interior design for their promotion, development and regulation around the world.
2_ To continue working to improve the international image of a sector that still has a vast capacity for growth and evolution due to its vast potential.
3_ To showcase and promote new values in the fields of architecture and interior design.
This will be the eleventh edition of an event with a panel of judges made up of leading professionals such as Daniel Libeskind, Francesc Rifé, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Mark Fenwick, Rafael de La-Hoz, Clodagh, Fermín
Vázquez, Sandra Tarruella, Teresa Sapey, Julio Touza, Fran Silvestre, Carlos Lamela, Íñigo Ortiz, Hembert Peñaranda, Ramón Esteve, Taba Rasti, Pascua Ortega and Benedetta Tagliabue.
Rules for the 11th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards:
- COMPETITION OBJECT · The purpose of this competition is to select the best entry that uses materials produced by PORCELANOSA Grupo companies applied to interior design, to encourage the creativity of new and future professionals and contribute to promoting and disseminating their work.
1_ Future Projects, sawards will be given to the projects offering the best solution to the interior architecture question described in the follow- ing section in each of the subcategories given below:
·PROFESSIONALS: open to interior designers and architects.
·STUDENTS: aimed at interior design and architecture students
at all schools of design or architecture and universities.
2_ Completed Projects, awards will be given to the best projects using mostly materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo companies, completed between January 2016 and February 2018.
Participation in both categories can be individual or group and each participant
It is allowed to submit up to three projects, each clearly differentiated and identified.
• Participants
Any natural or legal person, regardless of their nationality and nature (archi- tecture, interior design, design firms and self-employed persons, etc.) that has completed the project within the specified time period
• Description.: Projects of all types (public spaces, hotels, private homes, business premises, etc.) carried out within the specified time periods using mainly PORCELANOSA Grupo materials.
• Materials used.: Any products from PORCELANOSA Grupo’s eight companies.
• Originality and functionality of the project design.
• Use of PORCELANOSA Grupo materials in the project.
• Integration of the project and its interior design in its setting.
-PROJECT CHARACTERISTICS: • Creation and design of new uses for our mate- rials.
1. “Future Projects.”
• Description:
Making of a proposal for the showroom at the Porcelanosa Grupo headquarters in Vila-real (Castellón). The project will take into account the exhibition area, so the organization will provide, upon inscription, the Autocad drawings for the area. The concept, layout, display stands, spaces… will be totally free and will have to show the possibilities and potential as regards materials offered by Group’s 8 brands.
• Required materials.:
As it is a showroom for the Group’s 8 brands, all of them shall be represented, so several products from every company shall be used. A selection of products manufactured by the Group’s 8 brands can be downloaded from the awards website.
These products must be used in the project as wall and floor coverings for the space or as additional features in the corresponding areas. 
Entrants must pre-register by filling in a form for each project on the PORCELANOSA Interiorismo website at Individual participants must fill in all the fields with their details; in the case of group entries, the details must be those of the group’s spokesperson (there will be a special tab for the names of the remaining members). Those professionals who want to enter without making reference to any studio must repeat their personal details in this section. This way, it is understood they enter as freelancers. Once the pre-registration is completed, a reference number, a link, and a password will be provided. Finally, every participant will be able to download the Autocad drawings.
Projects must be submitted digitally, using the link and password provided on registration together with the reference number. The folder with the reference number must be posted before 23rd March 2018. Projects that fail to comply with any of the specifications referred to above will not be accepted. The shortlist of selected projects will be posted in the virtual gallery of the 9th PORCELANOSA Awards so that all Internet users may view, com- ment on and vote for their favourite project.
The final classification and winners in the various categories will be announced to participants one week prior to the awards
An internationally renowned multidisciplinary panel (interior designers, designers, and architects) made up of the following
• Luis Vidal - luis aidal + architects
• Rebecca Jones – RD Jones
• Ricardo Mateu – UHA London
• Pierre-Yves Rochon - Pierre-Yves Rochon
• Rafael Robledo - Rafael Robledo Arquitectos
The panel of judges may be changed by the competition organisers.
The 11th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards ceremony will take place in Madrid, at a date yet to be decided. Participants will be informed in due course.
• The following awards will be announced during the event: Awards for the two categories ‘Future projects’ and ‘Completed Projects’. They will be announ- ced in person by the panel of judges.
• PORCELANOSA Grupo will give a number of awards to various professionals of internatio- nal renown, in recognition of their careers and work in the sector.
The ‘Future Projects’ and ‘Completed Projects’ category awards will consist of the following:
• Public notification and a prize.
• Presence in all PORCELANOSA Grupo infor- mation channels: social media, presence at exhibitions and regional showrooms, etc.
• Features in specialised publications. Dissemi- nation in the sector media, both in Spain and abroad. There will also be special features on website portals.

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