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Kaira Looro are two words in Mandinga language, the main culture in Tanaf. The greetings of welcome or farewell, are not simple greetings of “good morning” or “good evening”, but they are real good wishes and prayers for the peace of others. Often people greet each other “Alma kaira siyaa laa”, or that “God will give you peace.”
Kaira Looro, that in Mandingo language means “Architecture for Peace”, is not just architecture, but it also represents the link to a culture, a spirituality and research of interiority. The challenge is to celebrate this cult philosophy by designing a sustainable and culturally-driven architecture, for a place with a lack of materials and with low technology.
To design a place of worship means creating a new landmark, but also giving substance to a culture of a community, being lightweight and graceful to understand its spirituality.
This competition has to show and describe the theme thanks to an impressive design also being integrated and able to become a symbol for all the country.
Carefully included into the landscape, it will represent the conjunction between earthly and divine.
The project has to respect the following parameters:
- maximum imprint on the ground is fixed at 350mq; maximum height is 30m.
Please consider that existing buildings don’t exceed 6m high.
- even if a low cost and sustainable approach is highly recommended, proper innovative solutions, also including high-tech, are welcome.
- it is important to have a keen eye for timing and construction conditions, remind always that it’s difficult to find specialized workers on place.
- natural and local materials are highly recommended.
- please consider that when in operation, the structure should minimize the consumption of water.
- it would be better if the structure is able to celebrate different kind of worship (Muslim, Christian, Orthodox, Animism) as any potential sanitary or environmental emergency.
All the necessary documentation, such as photos of the location of intervention, video, drawings (cad) can be found on the website also before registering for the competition. All the uploaded documents can only be used to attend the Kaira Looro Competition.
The aim of the competition is to create a holy architecture which should become a symbol for the territory and help communities to overcome difficulties. The winning project will be given to the Non Profit International Organization Balouo Salo and then will be donated to Tanaf community to build it.
The Balouo Salo OINP reserves the right to adopt the proposal as a charity project and to engage the awarded team during the construction.
This competition is also promoted as a financial contribution to the humanitarian project carried out by the OINP Balouo Salo. All the application fees will be donated to “A Bridge for Life”.
1. Participants must respect calendar dates, procedures and fees, respecting also all the instructions regarding the required material.
2. Competitors can be students, graduated, freelance architects, designers or artists and is not mandatory to be involved in architectural disciplines or enrolled in architectural associations.
3. Competitors can join the competition individually and or in team.
4. Teams, with up to 5 members, must have at least one team member between 18 and 35 years old. For the winners the organization will ask projects supporting documentation to verify the requirements of the team. If the requirements are not respected they will be banned.
5. Teams can be composed of any number of team members and of any competitors belonging to different counties and universities.
6. Paying a single entry fee allows each team to join the competition with a single project.
7. Paying further entry fees allows to join the competition with further projects; fees to be determined by the competition’s calendar.
In this case it is advisable to change the project manager.
8. Prizes includes bank commissions and fees and is regardless to of the number of attendants a team is made of. The prize will be delivered to the team leader and it is intended as reimbursement of expenses for the participation at the competition.
9. The prize corresponding to the internship is for a maximum of three members of the winning team, enrolled in the competition trough the registration. The duration of the depends on the availability of the studio and it must take place within one year from the close of the competition and must be agreed on dates determined by the host institution, including details provided. Travel costs will be paid by the winner, but the studio will contribute to living expenses in Tokyo. You cannot transfer the prize to a person who is outside the project team.
10. Jury’s verdict is incontestable.
11. It is forbidden to competitors to publishtheir own proposal material before the conclusion of the competition.
12. The participants agree with the humanitarian purposes of the initiative and they know that their registration fee is fully devolved to the Association Balouo Salo.
13. By violating the rules, competitors and their teams will be disqualified from the competition without any chance of getting a refund.
14. The authorship of each project is equally attributed to each member of the team.
15. Fees are not refundable no chances of getting refund.
16. Joying the competition implies accepting rules and service terms.
Early Registration
Open: 20 January 2017
Close: 14 February 2017 (h 23.59 GMT)
Normal Registration
Open: 15 February 2017
Close: 08 March 2017 (h 23.59 GMT)
Late Registration
Open: 09 March 2017
Close: 31 March 2017 (h 23.59 GMT)
Submission deadline : 23 April 2017
Jury Summoning : 01-7 May 2017
Results announcement: 14 May 2017
Application fees:
Early registration - 60€/team
Normal registration - 90€/team
Late registration - 120€/team
Kengo Kuma, Ko Nakamura (Università di Tokyo)
Agostino Ghirardelli (SBGA)
Azzurro Muzzonigro (Stefano Boeri Architetti)
René Bouman (Mohn+Bouman Architects)
Carmine Chiarelli (Arcò)
Angelo Ferrara (Juri Troy Architects)
Pilar Diez Rodriguez
Rainer Kasik (X Architekten)
Sebastiano D'Urso (Università di Catania)
Ibrahima Gomis (Sindaco Tanaf)
Ignazio Lutri (In/Arch)
€ 2,500 (considered such as cover expenses)
Internship at Kengo Kuma Associates, Tokyo
Award plaque
Possible realization of the project
Publication on websites and architectural format
Exposure in architectural events
€ 1,000 (considered such as cover expenses)
Award plaque
Publication on websites and architectural format
Exposure in architectural events
€ 500 (considered such as cover expenses)
Award plaque
Publication on websites and architectural format
Exposure in architectural events
Digital certificate
Publication on websites and architectural format
Exposure in architectural events 10 FINALISTS
digital certificate
Publication on websites and architectural format
Exposure in architectural events
All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites, will be hosted in international exhibitions.

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