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Martinelli luce

Martinelli luce

  • INDIRIZZO: Via Teresa Bandettini,
  • TELEFONO: +39 0583418315
  • FAX: +39 0583419003

Martinelli Luce represents more than fifty years of history devoted to manufacturing of lamps and of lighting systems.The lighting apparata by Martinelli Luce are characterized by an essential design as well as by a project novelty; these elements have been the basis of the corporate philosophy for three generations.
Martinelli Luce was established in 1950 thanks to Elio Martinelli’s insight and will: he wanted to manufacture on his own the lighting apparata to be used in the commercial concerns he was responsible for the design of. 
The company was established in his father’s small shop located in the historical centre of Lucca and specialized in selling electrical materials for installers.
Thanks to his spirit of initiative and of innovation, Elio Martinelli starts to create a wide production of lamps for interiors, with a greater and greater attention for their use at home. 
His creativity allows him to design and to manufacture lighting systems with a strongly innovative design both from the form and the technological point of view, also by studying and getting ready the original technical devices in order to improve production standards and to control costs.
Elio Martinelli is inspired by nature and by geometry and creates functional lighting systems that are manufactured with materials used depending on their real characteristics.
In this way, several lamps are produced such as Foglia, Bolla, Serpente, Cobra, Millepiedi, Dobermann, Rondini, Nuvole Vagabonde .
Simple forms but with a deep meaning that have characterized the design history and are always in great demand on the market. Some of these systems together with others, such as Pipistello designed by the architect GaeAulenti , are kept in the most important museums of design.
Sergio Asti, Lucci e Orlandini, Marc Sadler, Luc Ramael, studio Lucchi & Biserni, Angelo Micheli, Marcello Morandini and others worked together and are still working together with Martinelli Luce.
Year after year the Martinelli Luce range was enriched with new systems, although it kept a great number of them as expression of the Italian design of the 60s and 70s and therefore this company provides a very significant and relevant collection.
Martinelli Luce provides not only home lamps, but also a wide range of technical systems designed for the lighting of offices, shops, cinemas, hotels, museums and points of sale of large-scale retail trade, using light sources with the technology applied to the optimization of the energy output and of the lighting of commercial spaces.
Emiliana Martinelli, who has been managing the company for many years, together with her son Marco, carries on the design activity being inspired by her father’s same principles but introducing new form and technological elements that allow Martinelli Luce to keep a significant position among the industries of this sector.

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