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Dima Design

Dima Design

  • INDIRIZZO: Via Crocefisso, 2/A
  • TELEFONO: + 39 039 660768
  • FAX: + 39 039 6917957

The dream and the project trace back to the historical avant-garde to transform life into art - in other words, to pose thoroughly as an aesthete a space of existence which we identify as “our” environment. From the protagonists of the great experiment entitled “Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe” to Bauhaus masters; from the De Stijl disciples to the rigorous creators of the Ulm school, from the Movimento Arte Concreta to many others, the twentieth century artists have constantly cultivated utopia and the wish of changing art into a transforming action addressed to a total space.
After all it is from this need that design comes. A company such as DIMA DESIGN was created and has been developed through time embracing this need, whose aim is to plan environments melting art and design, objects and images, designed and organized not a priori but through the lively participation of the user, whose individual request becomes the thorough creator of a form which is different every time and is “custommade” for every individual client. All this in order to achieve space of life and work being also places of beauty and personal creativity, which are flexible
and changeable, following life needs that vary throughout time.
This aim is achieved through the tireless research of new and original material and the willing cooperation of designers, craftsmen and artists who are prepared to accept exchanges and reciprocal “contamination” and who are not locked in their own, exclusive working environment.
DIMA DESIGN showroom is in Vimercate (Monza e Brianza), in Via Crocefisso, 2/a-b.
DIMA -DE SIGN was born and raised with interior decoration culture.
It designs and furnishes interior and exterior spaces, it makes furniture and furnishing accessories.
Its products are of limited or numbered series, conceived in a research and design center whose staff includes artisans, designers, and artists It sponsors art and design initiatives and events in synergy with its own contemporary art gallery, MAGENTA 52.
DIMA DESIGN history began in 1986.
Over time it has expanded its range of action from customized interior decorating to design consulting and customized production of furnishings and accessories.
In December 2000, DIMA-DESIGN founded a contemporary art gallery MAGENTA 52 based in Milan.
In May 2004, it inaugurated in Vimercate (Monza e Brianza) a new residence to host DIMA -DE SIGN and the Magenta 52 gallery, intensifying their cooperation and favoring the blending of art and design.
An environment which doesn’t house art but rather models itself on it, without rigidity but carrying out a possible thought. A thought of an artist.

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